Personal and Private Instruction

Pilates is a personalized sport - it can be modified and altered to meet anyone's individual needs! That's part of the reason why Pilates is such a special journey for each person. Students learn about their bodies, build body awareness, face and overcome personal challenges, and more! If you are a beginner, and new to the world of Pilates, it is highly recommended that you first take private instruction so you can build your knowledge of the Pilates Fundamentals, as well as build your confidence before entering a group environment.


Private Sessions

Individualized instruction utilizing all of the Pilates equipment and mat work is the most effective way to achieve results in your body. If you are new to Pilates or have an injury you are overcoming, private lessons are essential to learning the method correctly. Private instruction offers you complete one- on-one attention from your instructor and allows you to move and learn at your own specific pace.

Private session with Instructor

Single | $70

4 Sessions | $270

8 Sessions | $520
(must attend at least twice per week)

Private Sessions with Laura Foster, click here

 Semi - Private Sessions

Semi-private sessions are private sessions designed for small groups of people, usually friends or family that are motivated by working out with someone else. You’ll receive individualized instruction and the sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to everyone.

SEMI-PRIVATE Sessions with Instructor

Single | $50

4 Sessions | $180

8 Sessions | $360

Private Sessions with Laura Foster, click here


What To Know

Sessions are 50 minutes.

Packages of 8; must attend twice per week.

Packages are non refundable and expire in 3 months

24 hour cancellation notice is required.

Less than 24 hours notice, payment is required in full.

First time students should arrive 15 minutes early.